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ABB Switch Range Configurator

With the ABB Busch Jaeger Switch Range Configurator app for Revit it is very easy to design, manage and configurate complete sets of switch ranges to match your requirements and desires, even for the largest projects.

With the Switch Range Configurator app for Revit you can select several components such as the required series, frame types, insert types, orientations, the number of elements you want to use and other aspects.

You can select between one and five elements to be combined in the configurator.

The number of combinations is endless. Once placed in the Revit project the switch components contain the relevant data to link with wholesale information and GTIN or article numbers. With this free tool it is very easy to configure, place and manage the ABB Busch-Jaeger switch ranges.

Download the app today and start using it in your Revit project right away.